Why You Will Love Working in Investment Banking?

The world of finance has been highlighted in the media in recent years. Though many problems have arisen is the

Investment banking concept.

Investment banking concept. (Photo credit: SalFalko)

field, it remains one of the most exciting careers people can experience. The daily life of the average investment banker is filled with numerous challenges that make it an interesting and rewarding livelihood for ambitious people.

What Do Investment Bankers Do?
The job of the investment banker can be understood in terms of being an intermediary between companies involved in merger and acquisition transactions. They do face-to-face negotiations between parties to achieve the greatest profit for their clients. Investment banks are actively engaged in managing teams engaged in completing these complex financial arrangements. They also determine the best strategy to achieve the goals of their clients.

Using Your Skills
Those interested in a career in investment banking need to have extremely good communications skills in order to provide information to both the companies looking for financial backing and investors interested in providing it. The investment banker must have a strong background in finance, as well as strong mathematical skills and a keen eye for analysis. They must be persuasive in personality and good at managing teams for successful results.

A Positive, Energetic Environment
Investment bankers must project a confident and positive attitude to promote the interests of the businesses that are looking for financing. They must also be able to instill confidence in the investors by providing a clear and dynamic vision for the future of companies.

High Salaries
Young grads just out of college are often recruited at investment houses for a variety of tasks that can eventually lead to a career as an investment banker. The average salary for an investment banker is about $95,000 annually, but this figure can go even higher at some levels of business. Managing Director positions can earn $1 million+.

Meeting Interesting People
Investment banking puts people in contact with people who at the highest levels in their field and with those who have considerable clout in a number of industries. Forming close, trusted relationships with these individuals can be an interesting and rewarding part of the investment banker’s job.

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