Stress is Your Friend!

Let Stress Become Your Friend in the World of Investment Banking

If you have ever endured stress in your life, you know how it feels. It can hit hard, making your heart begin to race as the sweat begins pouring off of your body and butterflies kick up in your stomach. You can also describe it as a feeling of intense pressure. As an investment banker, stress is a daily companion. You live in a fast paced world where you make countless decisions and situations can change on the spin of a dime. You have probably heard that stress can kill you, but the contrary is true. Embrace stress and accept it as your friend and it will change the effect on your body!

Stress: Your Ally in Facing Life’s Challenges
The stress response in your body can actually help you to be more successful and fulfilled in life. A recent study in the United States focused on stress in 30,000 subjects over the course of eight years. The results were startling, suggesting that people were actually healthier when they had a “positive attitude” about the impact of stress in their lives. What does this mean for you and your career in investment banking? Accept stress as a healthy companion in your life and you can use it to your advantage. In other words, IF YOU BELIEVE stress is good for you… if you say to yourself, my body is helping to face the current challenge… well, it has a positive impact on your body. Actually, this is what scientific said. Just crazy, isn’t it?

How Can Stress Help You?
Think of stress as an energizer that actually gives you a boost of adrenalin, helping you to take on whatever obstacles come your way. It’s your body’s natural way of adjusting to a difficult situation. This doesn’t mean that you want to endure stress every minute of the day. However, it will actually make your body work more effectively as your heart pumps efficiently, sending a rush of blood to your brain and making your thinking process sharper. Utilize stress in investment banking, recognizing the fact that it can help you to make split-second decisions. Feel like you are on top of your game the next time that surge of stress hits you, believing you can face anything that is thrown at you during the day. You’ll congratulate yourself when you’ve accomplished your goals on a day to day basis.

Stress Can Help You to Reach Out to Others as Well
As an investment banker, you are not an island. You will be dealing with people every day, whether it is your colleague, a fellow business person, or a client. The next time stress hits, think about your first instincts. You want to talk to someone and start networking, finding sympathy and solutions at the same time. Stress can actually help you to become more sociable, turning to others in a time of need. Take it a step further and you make it your goal to assist someone else when you are struggling with stress. When you step outside of your own circumstances and focus on the problems of someone else, you’ll find that your stress becomes manageable. Think about this the next time one of your co-workers is going through a rough time at work. Put your heads together and find answers to the problem. You’ll both feel better for it.

Realize Your Full Potential with Stress
The next time you have to deal with a bout of stress at work, don’t treat it as the enemy. Welcome stress and make the best use of it, finding the stamina to push through the obstacles that lie ahead, knocking them down one by one. In the end, you will feel stronger, a true champion who excels in the career path that you have chosen. Your stress makes you a survivor. Accept the natural up and down, and wave your life with eustress (positive stress) or relax.

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