Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in Investment Banking (revealed)

US Congress Salary 1860-2000

US Congress Salary 1860-2000 (Photo credit: Wikipedia). Better than investment banking?

Top 10 Best Paid Jobs in Investment Banking

Jobs may not be as plentiful as they used to be, but some careers can still be lucrative. Investment banking happens to be one of the top paid jobs straight out of college. It’s the perfect career for those looking snag a job right after college graduation, as well as pay off those student loans quickly. Here are the top ten best paid jobs in investment banking:1. Chief Risk Officer or CRO: This position requires account for all the possible risks in the business. These could be strategic risks, financial risks, operational risks, etc. The typical salary for a CRO can range $1-5 million per year.

2. Chief Compliance Officer or CCO: The CCO is responsible for mainly overseeing and maintaining compliance issues . The typical salary for a CCO can span anywhere from $1-3 million per year.

3. M&A Head: This is the position for the person in charge of mergers and acquisitions. There is the requirement of having knowledge on corporate strategy, among other things. M&A Head salary ranges between $2-6 million.

4. Head of Capital Market: This position requires scrutinizing assets, handing finances, selling bonds, and more. The salary for an Capital Market Head can range anywhere from $3-8 million per year.

5. Prop Traders: Also known a proprietary traders, they trade stocks, currencies, bonds, etc. Prop traders trade for direct gain, not commission. Their salaries range between $2-3 million, though there is the possibility to make more. For the gain, choose a private structure: Hedge Fund… Regulatory has put much more pressure on bank salary.

6. Head of Research: This job involves exactly what it sounds like–lots of research: phone call, companies meeting… Typically, Heads of Research earn, on the low side, $2-3 million annually.

7. Head Trader: Chief Traders, especially at hedge funds, have the potential to earn a lot of money. Enough to pay off those loans as if they are petty cash. Chief Traders can earn anywhere from $1-2 million.

8. Head of Technology: The Head of Technology is the person who focuses on the issues in a company that are technological or based in science. Salary for the Head of Technology ranges between $2-3 million per year.9. Analyst: This is a job that is more run of the mill, but still brings in the money. Within the first three years, analysts earn up to $350,000.

10. Private Equity Partner: Another lucrative job that requires more general knowledge. Within the first three years, analysts earn up to $500,000. What you are looking here, it is to get your hand on vested interests.

All in all, do not expect to cash in this kind of figure tomorrow, but more after a long (might be short in rare cases) and successful career in the field chosen. Is it overpaid? Sometimes. The rule is basically the leverage: the more you are exposed to money, the more your chance to get a chunk of it. Easy?

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