The Secret To Being More Productive: Be Happy!

Finance professionals are always interested in learning how to work more effectively. Although there are several ways to accomplish this goal, many people assume that working harder in order to become more successful is the key to attaining their objective. Yet psychological research on the issue of productivity seems to indicate otherwise. In fact, research studies indicate that the key to greater productivity in the work place is not working harder. Rather, the data demonstrates that being happy is the key to greater productivity. By considering this data carefully, you may find that you are able to increase your work productivity and thereby acquire the success and happiness that you want. The happiness, not the time, you put into your work is the key to your productivity.

As stated earlier, psychological research indicates that the key to becoming more productive in the workplace is to be happy. These findings stand in direct contradiction to the conventional formula for happiness and success which seems to guide the way most of us think and act. According to this conventional formula, the key to becoming more successful and thus more happy is to work harder. The idea is that once we work harder, we will become more successful. The success will then result in us feeling more positive.

Despite the fact that many people believe the formula for success and happiness is hard work, this paradigm is at least somewhat inaccurate and inefficacious. Indeed, research indicates that the key to entailing success in the world of work and other areas of an individual’s life is to raise the level of positivity in the present moment. Once this positivity is created, the individual experiences happiness and business outcomes subsequently improve. This happens as a result of the fact that producing an environment guided by positivity causes dopamine to flood into your system. When this happens, you become happier and all the learning centers of your brain are turned on. This principle, which is referred to as the happiness advantage, functions as a clear indication that finance professionals who want to be both happy and successful should begin by fostering the spirit of positivity that has the power to entail productivity and success. Once this happens, you will be able to work harder, faster, and more intelligently.

Once an individual recognizes the integral role that positivity can play in promoting happiness and success in the work world, the next step is to figure out what strategies to implement such that positivity dominates one’s attitudes and actions. There are a plethora of ways that the spirit of positivity can be cultivated. Several of them include:

-Continually reflecting on three things you are currently grateful for
-Journaling about a positive experience you’ve had over the last 24 hours
-Random acts of kindness

Each of these activities helps promote positivity in unique ways. For example, reflecting on things you are grateful for causes you to retain a pattern of scanning the world for positive rather than negative things. Journaling about a positive experience you’ve had recently enables your brain to relive that experience. Thus by completing these and other positivity exercises, you can create ripples of positivity that entail happiness and thus result in better work performance. This improved level of work performance can result in profound success which has been measured in terms of more secure jobs, superior productivity, greater resilience, less burnout and turnover, and greater sales.


In considering the fact that you can train yourself to become happier and thus experience more success in your world, it is important that you think critically about your current outlook on your personal and professional life. In doing so, ask yourself this question: Do I begin attempting to attain success by working harder or being positive? If your answer involves working harder in an attempt to be successful and happy, you may need to change your formula so that it is predicated upon the happiness advantage explained in this article. And if this information has been of assistance to you, be sure to share it with a friend. It is the first step to increase your happiness level!

English: "Running with the seagulls"...

English: “Running with the seagulls”, Galveston, Texas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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