10 of the Coolest Perks for Hedge Fund Staff

"Hedge funds don't provide the cover they...

“Do Hedge fund provide the cover they once did” (Photo credit: UGArdener)


Working at a hedge fund is not always a lot of fun, but it’s a great way to make money and meet like minded people, but this isn’t always how it’s portrayed. With the media focusing on the negative details, some young people prefer not to associate with the various businesses that operate in the finance sector. The truth is that there are also great benefits working at a hedge fund. Google might still offer great incentives, here are 10 of the coolest benefits hedgies get:


1. Cooked Meals in the Office

Most workplaces have a break room, and some include a fridge and microwave. Perry Capital has a full kitchen loaded with snacks and drinks. This is because they want you to want to stay in the office. If you’re comfortable, you’ll be more productive. With this, they also have a chef come in to make healthy meals. Nice…

2. Daily Allowance

For those who want to get out of the office, RNK Capital has an account with local eateries, allowing its employees to get what they want and signing for it. Over the course of a year, this benefit can translate to more than $1,000 a year.

3. Fun Work Environment

Working at a hedge fund is work, but it’s also fun. There’s a lot of money being made, the people are interesting, and the work is stimulating. All right, all right, stress is part of the game but don t forget stress is your friend.

4. Great Growth Opportunities

With hard work and a bit of luck, you’ll have incredible opportunities. A great example of that is David Khasidy, the president of SunRay Power Management. Mr. Khasidy was a commodities trader for a number of years. After learning the market and becoming an expert, he saw an incredible opportunity in green energy. He put up some of his own money and inspired friends with deeper pockets to do the same. Today he runs the premier green energy company in the US.

5. Meet Interesting People

If you can meet someone like David Khasidy who has taken the green energy field to the next level, just think of who else you can meet.

6. Great Employment Benefits

Health and dental, expense accounts, travel, commissions and salary. Some even get their cell phone paid for. Perry Capital – noted above – brings in a personal trainer to their gym!

7. Me, Inc.

While being an employee, you also get to operate as your own business because your commissions are based on your effort, whether you work for Man, one of UK biggest hedge fund, or a boutique.

8. Hotties Abound

Whether you’re a man or woman, there are some super hot people you can meet, and you can be sure that many have the same values as you because you are pursuing many of the same things. Common interests with sex appeal can go a long way.

9. Intellectual and Fun Peers

People who work at hedge funds are generally up-to-date on what is going on because it affects the markets they work in. On top of this, most are well educated and like to have a good time.

10. Incredible Philanthropy

On top off this, many people who work in hedge funds are involved with charities. A great example is Alex Duran of Permian Investment Partners. Mr. Duran is on the Board of Directors of Portfolios With Purpose, a charity centered around a fantasy stock contest. Next month alone, Portfolios With Purpose will give away almost $300,000 to worthy causes. Match this with Mr. Duran’s education (University of Texas), his love of travel (trips to Europe multiple times a year), and the way he looks (sorry, he’s taken), and you’ll see that he fits all of the categories noted above. But he’s no outlier; he’s one of many.



So enjoy your hedge fund career. Even if 5000 hedge fund get bust since 2000 and the average life span is 5 years, you can still move to one boat to an other and enjoy this cool rewards.


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