Rising stars: the 15 under 30 to watch

Some respectable judges on the case have highlighted for Forbes the 30 in 30 finance. There was Anthony Scaramucci, Founder of fund of funds SkyBridge Capital; venture capitalist Jim Breyer, a Partner at Accel Partners; and Adam Zoia, the CEO of executive search firm Glocap. Our team of editor have screened the list and removed some name that does not seem appropriate:  Kevin Kaiser got railed by Kinder Morgan’s CEO for one of his reports, Bitcoin is not yet real money even if it might be one day, entrepreneurial spirit is great but it is not finance and so on.

Ladies First:

Lucy Baldwin, 29, Managing director, Goldman Sachs. Director of Goldman’s European research management team and serving on the investment review committee. Previously headed Goldman’s European retail and consumer equity research.

Tracy Britt Cool, 29, Financial assistant to the chairman, Berkshire Hathaway. Emerging as an influential figure in Warren Buffett’s organization. Chairman at Benjamin Moore, Johns Manville, Larson-Juhl and Oriental Trading. Also on the board of H.J. Heinz.

Katie Keenan, 29, Associate, Blackstone Group. A rising star in the world’s largest real estate investment management business. Helped launch Blackstone’s first mortgage lending program, which has closed $2 billion of originations in five months. Led underwriting of $1.2 billion of real estate debt investments for various Blackstone vehicles.

Carryn McLaughlin, 29, Vice president, JPMorgan Chase. Earned CFP at 23 before moving to JPM Private Bank to manage a $2.7 billion book of biz as wealth manager for real estate moguls and their families.

And, the men’s department:

George Bachiashvili, 28, Founder, Georgian Co-Investment Fund. Runs a $6 billion private equity fund in Georgia that amounts to about 40% of the country’s GDP. Backed by Georgia’s own billionaire prime minister, who invested the initial $1 billion, creating some controversy around its investments in the Georgian economy. UAE’s Abu Dhabi Group and China’s Milestone International are among other big investors.

Ganesh Betanabhatla, 28, Managing director, Talara Capital. Former JPMorgan oil & gas investment banker and vice president at Pine Brook Partners, now backed with up to $500 million heading Talara’s private equity efforts in the energy sector.

Eric Eisner, 29, VP, Bank of America Merrill Lynch Global Banking and Markets. Manages all Latin America low-beta sovereign debt trading for BofA Merrill. Low-beta trading was viewed as unprofitable and boring before he took over. He’s since turned it into a revenue generator for BofA trading over $30 billion in bonds and transforming the unit into a top-three top-franchise among big bank competitors.

Stephen Ensley, 29, Principal, Hellman & Friedman. Former JPMorgan mergers & acquisitions investment banker, now a principal for one of the most well-respected private equity firms. Has helped lead portfolio investments in companies like Pharmaceutical Product Development. Sits on the board of CarProof, a Canadian vehicle history report provider.

Eugene Gokhvat, 28, Portfolio manager, BlueCrest Capital Management. Worked for Boaz Weinstein on Deutsche Bank’s prop desk. Now, manages his own large corporate bond portfolio at the U.S. outpost of a $35 billion European hedge fund.

John Locke, 29, Principal, Accel Partners. Venture capital investor focusing recently on growth-stage investments in areas like cyber security. Previously led investments in payment companies like Braintree, which is being purchased by eBay for $800 million.

Chaitanya Mehra, 28, Portfolio manager, Och-Ziff Capital Management. Former Goldman Sachs trader, now a portfolio manager focusing on energy at Dan Och’s $39 billion firm, one of the largest hedge funds in the world.

Neil Mehta, 29, Founder, Greenoaks Capital. Former investor at D.E. Shaw, helping to open the hedge fund’s Hong Kong office. Founded Greenoaks and now manages some $600 million, investing in industries ranging from ecommerce to insurance. Hit home runs with early investments in Palantir and Coupang.

Vivek Ramaswamy, 28, Investment analyst, QVT Financial. Co-managing one of the hedge fund industry’s largest biotech-focused portfolios for Daniel Gold’s hedge fund. Well known for successful investments in companies developing antiviral drugs, including for the treatment of hepatitis C. Got a Yale law degree while working at the hedge fund.

Andrew Silverman, 28, Vice president, Goldman Sachs. Star credit derivatives and bond trader has become one of the top distressed debt market makers in the world. Recent promotion to managing director goes into effect in 2014.

Chris Yetter, 29, Head of Latin American Investments, Falcon Edge Capital. Spearheading some very profitable investments in Latin America for $2 billion hedge fund. Former trader at QVT. Taught in Spain.

As a bonus, it worth highlighting the 3 under 3 presented by the New Yorker:

“Meet the innovators and disruptors of 2014, all under the age of three years old, all impatient to change the world. Inspired by Forbes, our editors and reporters worked around the clock with a panel of experts to choose the very brightest stars under three. They represent the entrepreneurial, creative, and intellectual pinnacle of their generation.

Cheryl Kloberman / Age: 2.5 / Energy Conservationist

What does it take to power an entire household with a flick of a switch? This toddler knows, because she turned on the lights of her apartment all by herself. In 2013, Cheryl racked up over two thousand nap-hours. That’s a whole lot of energy saved for other purposes, like growing. Cheryl makes a point of personally visiting her grandparents in Minnesota once every two and a half years. Her parakeet’s name is Green Bean.

Tyson James / Age: 2.5 / Entrepreneur, Politician

“This boy will go far,” says Senator Clemens Alberti, of New Jersey, who met with Tyson on a schoolyard visit. The boy asked the senator, “Can … can … can … can … for my birfday I wish there was no global warming?” Senator Alberti explained, “If this boy is serious about using his birthday wish to curb climate control, it could help trillions of people.” Tyson’s birthday wish is also expected to become very profitable, very fast. When asked what his secret is, Tyson whispered, “I threw the cheese in the sofa.” He then shook his head, realizing what he did was wrong.

Paul Hong / Age: 2 /  Food Expert

Paul Hong may be one of the youngest babies to eat solids not first cut up into bits. He can eat a sirloin steak in twenty-seven seconds. Uneager to grow up too fast, Paul still loves to chew, then let food dribble down to the floor. An old soul, Paul rides his golden retriever’s back around the living room and digests. His mother says that Paul has already picked his next project: “I was basting a roast, and he was just eyeing it.” She looked concerned.

2 Under 2

Debbie Dolorey /Age: 1.5 / Fashion Designer, Founder of Alphabet Soup T-Shirt Co.

Debbie Dolorey (with her friend Tiffany Gladstone) has developed a line of T-shirts called Alphabet Soup Tees. The T-shirts covered in alphabet soup have influenced countless imitators. But Dolorey is an innovator, and already has plans for a new design that she calls “Every Kind of Soup, and Mud, and Apple Juice, and [yelling], and Peas.”

Jonathan Long /Age: 1.3 / Music-Industry Mogul

In his senior month at Bryerson’s Nursery, Jonathan developed a brand-new way to allow listeners to experience music without even clicking a button. Jonathan simply sings parts of “Yankee Doodle,” and then morphs the melody into parts of another song he made up called “Belly Button,” which is really more like a hypnotic chanting of the words “belly button.” “The move is risky,” says his godfather, David Geffen, “but when Jonathan glares at you and shouts, ‘You—you got a belly button!’ it’s a … what’s the word … game changer. It’s a game changer.” In February, Jonathan will take over Spotify.

1 Under 1

Joy and John Stevenson / Age: 9 Months / Architects

At only nine months, these two fraternal twins have already built an empire of diapers.” 

Who do you think should make it?

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