Who are the Top 20 Resilient Banks 2014

Have you ever considered who, exactly, you are putting your money with? Examples like the closing of Wachovia banks in 2008 show that the Banks vary tremendously in stability, with these twenty being the hands-down strongest according to industry insiders, credit is given to Bloomberg Market.

1. Hang Sen BankIn the past year alone, Hong Kong based Hang Sen has risen from the tenth spot on this list to the first through brilliant investments and aggressive marketing tactics.

2/3. Desjardins Group

Canada’s Desjardins Group’s stability comes from their position as North America’s largest and most profitable association of credit unions.

2/3. Norinchukin Bank

Based in Japan, Norinchukin Bank’s business consists almost entirely of large scale corporate financing.

4. Oversea-Chinese Banking

Formerly #1 on this list, Singaporean Oversea-Chinese still does a brisk trade in over 530 locations in Indonesia and around the world.

5. Qatar National Bank

Another former #1 contender, the national bank of Qatar (better known as “QNB”) is jointly owned by private investors and the Qatar Investment Authority.

6. Bayern Landesbank

The state bank of Bavaria, Germany, Bayern Landesbank works in a variety of financial areas, from loans to asset management.

7. DBS Group Holdings

Singapore’s DBS Group Holdings has been widely regarded as the “Safest Bank in Asia” since 2008 due to its strong capital position and high credit ratings.

8. Pohjola Bank

The Finnish Pohjola Bank forms the largest part of the Finnish Central Banking Cooperative, and is one of the fastest growing financial institutions in Europe.

9. Skandinaviska Enskilda Banken

SEB, as it usually known, is Sweden’s largest bank, and an absolute titan in the European investment industry due to its strong industrial ties.

10. BOC Hong Kong Holdings

Bank of China’s parent company, Hong Kong Holdings has long been an important financial bedrock for the region.

11. Svenska Handelsbanken

Another Swedish-based bank, the Svenska Handelsbanken is one of the world’s most successful universal banks.

12. UBS

One of the oldest banks on this list, Switzerland’s UBS was hit harder than any other bank in europe by the subprime mortgage crisis, but is now back on its feet.

13. United Overseas Bank

Singapore’s UOB has fallen in position significantly since 2013, when it was #6 overall, but is expected to make a comeback.

14. Swedbank

Known as FöreningsSparbanken until 2006, Swedbank works extensively with the government of Sweden in numerous Baltic investments.

15. Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce

As Canada’s most successful charter bank, CIBC has long been known for its dramatic internal legal battles.

16. UniCredit Bank

A joint Italian and German venture, Unicredit Bank is a relatively new bank expected to grow significantly.

17. Maybank

Malaysia’s Maybank has had more success in wide-scale traditional Islamic banking than virtually any other company.

18. Royal Bank of Canada

Formerly Canada’s top financial institution, Royal Bank is still a strong, reliable investment group.

19. US Bancorp

The only United States-based based bank on this list, US Bancorp primarily focuses on the consumer market and small businesses.

20. China Construction Bank

CCB is China’s second-largest in terms of capital, and aims to expand overseas in the coming years.

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