The 7 Most Powerful Financial Professional in their 20s

When it comes to the world of finance, there is ample proof that a powerhouse can be found in a young package. This field of business is becoming a young person’s game and many are getting their start in their 20’s. An impressive list is already making an impact on the world and more are sure to follow.

Meet Alex Banayan at Alsop Louis Partners
At only the young age of 21, Alex Banayan is a venture capital associate who is making the rest of the world take notice. As a feature in Fortune magazine, Banayan has been reported to be the youngest venture capitalist at the present time. It would appear that he has put his studies at the University of Southern California to good use.

Don’t Forget Stephanie Weiner and First Round Capital’s Dorm Room Fund
Stephanie Weiner has also been turning heads with her noteworthy deals in the world of finance at age 21. While she is still attending college, she has played an influential role in venture funds, been an intern, is an entrepreneur, and will be on board with Bain Capital Partners after graduation.

How About Lucas Duplan of Clinkle
At only 22, Lucas Duplan is already a CEO. After graduating from Stanford, he’s managed to raise more than $30 million for his startup company. He’s a rising star in Silicon Valley, thanks to his innovative mobile payments app.

Check Out Ernestine Fu at Alsop Louis Partners
Ernestine Fu is only 23, yet she is already considered to be a senior associate. She joined the team at Alsop in 2010, successfully closed major deals right off the bat, and was a Fortune magazine feature in 2011 as the youngest venture capitalist in Silicon Valley at the time.

Take a Look at Sam Barnett and the SBB Research Group
At the ripe, young age of 24, Sam Barnett has been busy. He jumped into creating his own business while still attending the California Institute of Technology, forming the quantitative hedge fund known as SBB Research Groups. It would appear he’s just getting started. He’s working on his doctorate right now as a student at Northwestern University. From there, the sky’s the limit.

Consider Fred Ehrsam and Coinbase
Fred Ehrsam is 25 and is definitely putting his youth to good use a cofounder of Coinbase, an integral component of Bitcoin, playing the role of digital wallet. He was also a trader at Goldman Sachs.

Pay Attention to Yannan Liu and Yooli
At 26, Yannan Liu knows the sweet taste of success. He is the CEO of Yooli, a lending platform that is based in China. Liu also worked for Bank of America Merril Lynch and TPG Capital.

If you believe your name or one of your colleagues should be include, just leave a comment.

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