10 Ways To Fit In The Investment Banking Career Of The Future

1. Technology

A sure way to be sure you will fit in the Investment Banking Career of the future is to know your technology. It is imperative to keep up with the latest and greatest technological advances. Take classes, read, do what is necessary to ensure your abilities are up to speed in this technological day.

2. Long Term Career
Patience, patience and more patience. This is a different time. You are not going to just advance through the ranks on your successes today. Likely, it will take years to reach the level that you have set for your goal. Amongst 40 or more people in Investment Banking, only 3 or 4 of them will be promoted. Investment Banking of the future requires extreme patience if you want to fit in well on this career path.3. Commitment

When it comes to the banking business, the requirement is to be completely committed. This has to be exactly what you want to do and have always wanted to do. It is a good idea to have gathered some prior experience working in a bank.

4. Investment Banking Politics Master

Success in an Investment Banking Career involves learning the politics of the business. Build business relationships outside of the bank. Get out there and network with others. You have to learn how to play the Investment Banking game. The bank you work for is who you are selling and getting out there and promoting that bank is of utmost importance to your success.

5. Teamplayer

Being a rebellious, lone wolf will not score you any points in your banking career. The person who finds success in the Investment Banking career of the future will not rock the boat or stir up the politics. This position requires agreeability and understanding how the politics work to keep things going smoothly.

6. Follow the rule (given by compliance)

Accept the fact that banks are no longer looking for that person who wants to be the star! Banks invest and stay true to regulations and policies now. Learn to roll with this and keep the controls in place.7. Not a prop Trader career

If you are looking for a banking position that requires a capital trading, stop looking. This is not the way of the Investment Banking Career now. The amount of money invested in banks is being reduced. The days of large capital for Investing Banking Careers are a thing of the past.

8. Add Value

Many companies are using centers that require little cost. If the job you are doing can be replaced by one of these centers where they do not mandate high maintenance then you will want to move away from that position.

9. Cultural Fit

Investment Banks have a specific type of culture they are going with that will bring about the right kind of change for the industry. The Investment Banking Career of the Future involves the ability to communicate, to sell the bank you work for, and to implement the type of change necessary to go into the future.

10. Move with the Flow

In the past, the banking industry has always proven to be somewhat tumultuous. The future of the Investment Banker is moving in a different direction. If being pursuing a career as an Investment Banker is what you are committed to doing then know how to move with the changes.

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