Top 5 jobs on the buy-side Now

The future of asset management is incredibly bright, which is something that many senior investment bankers can attest to. While many investors have previously seen the selling side of asset management as a profitable industry, many people are now making to the transition to the buy-side. That said, the increase in popularity for positions on the buy-side has made for a rush of individuals who are now soaking up the market. Luckily, there are still six areas where people can look for jobs on the buy-side.

Private Equity Associates

Many first year associates and those that are new to the industry can look to private equity firms for employment. These positions are also ideal for those who are looking to make the switch from the sell-side to the buy-side, in hopes of gaining more experience in the industry. These jobs are even better for those who can speak European languages such as Swedish, German, or Nordic languages.

In-House Investment Teams For Pension Funds

Companies around the world are looking to improve their in-house investments team. Rather than relying on outside managers, many of these companies are looking to build in-house teams for better investment options. Chris Sevenoaks, the associate director at recruiters Baker Noble, states that there is a demand for quants and specialists with knowledge in hedge fund investments.

Research Analyst

Those working in research analyst aim to provide investors an edge over their competition. While the sell-side is typically a place where jobs are sturdier and provide more prospects for positions, many hedge funds are looking for individuals who are able to research and explain analytically data.

Multi-Asset Solutions

Because more and more people are looking to diversify their investment, the increase for multi-asset solutions has increased in recent years. Furthermore, this explosion in demand for those who can fill these positions has yet to be filled and there is a large capability gap for recruiting for these positions.

Multi-Tasking Operations

As the operating costs of running a hedge fund continues to grow, smaller firms are looking to find a way to make themselves attractive to potential investors. Because of this, there is a demand for individuals who can take over the role of being responsible for all of the non-investment activity. Those who have experience, or can build while working, will see success when working for a firm that can attract the attention of new investors for a smaller hedge fund.

Asset management is an ideal place for those looking to be involved in the industry. Even those who have previous experience on the sell-side can consider making a transition as the market continues to boom for those on the buy-side.

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