Top 5 Weird Investments, strongly outperform

Wall Street investors and City bankers are continually discovering commodities that may turn a profit. Some of the latest instruments proving to be wise options definitely do not fit the conventional ideation of trading. However, these alternative investments commonly outperformed many larger, well-known stock options in the last one or more years.

1. French WineThough not very successful in the last five or so years, various wines have been favored by investors in the last decade. However, a French vintage from the Bordeaux region known as Chateau Pavie offers rewarding returns. The 2004 version of the French wine brought an increased value of 14.3% in the last year and 24.1% over a three-year return. Almost as impressive was the 1982 Chateau Latour that brought investors annualized returns of 10.1%.

2. Vintage Sports Cars

Classic, collectible cars are another expensive, but lucrative investment. According to Bloomberg Markets Magazine, Ferraris manufactured between the 1950s and the 1960s brought anywhere from $10 to $20 million each. The Ferrari 250 GT California Spyder LWB increased in value more than 130% and has a current estimated value of more than $3 million. A 1954 Mercedes Benz W196, driven in the Grand Prix by Juan Manual Fangio, brought an astounding $29.5 million.

3. Contemporary Art

Art has long been treasured by many investors, though contemporary pieces are often a hit or miss deal. Nonetheless, the works of some artists remain in high demand. In the last year, a drip-styled painting created by Jackson Pollock brought $58.3 million. This price demonstrated a return of more than 300% in one year’s time and a three-year increase of more than 57%. The second most in demand artwork are pieces painted by Indian artist Vasudel Gaitonde. Over a one-year period, Gaitonde’s creations increased in value at an impressive 198%. Overall, his works increased by 83% in the last three years. One particular painting created in 1979 brought close to $4 million at a Mumbai auction. The unusual and often erotic style of French-American painter Marcel Duchamp also garners much respect. In the last year, Duchamp’s pieces increased in value more than 450% and almost 94% over a three-year period.

4. Lean Pork

The agricultural markets also had a couple of interesting alternative commodities. Forget pork bellies. Lean hogs are now considered a major source of white meat in the United States and gained in value more than 56% in the past year and more than 11% over three years.

5. Soymeal

Corn and wheat are out and soybean meal is now popular. Ground into a flour, the meal outperformed cattle, rice and processed lumber with a one-year return investment of more than 18%.

One response to “Top 5 Weird Investments, strongly outperform

  1. For me the best investment, are binary options. there is no easier way to profit money for vintage sport cars or else.

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