London Financial Vacancies Up 7%

London experienced a 7% rise in job vacancies in the previous month. According to Morgan McKinley, a London-based recruitment firm, the number of people looking for either new recruitment or roles rose by 25% while vacancies rose from 7,371 one year ago to 7,905. Newly employed workers in the city received an average rise in salary of 19%. The gain was 17% in August. The growth of U.K. economy surpassed expectations in the second financial quarter, where the rate of unemployment reached its all-time low in six years between May and July.

Morgan McKinley explained that people from different parts of Europe moved to London in search of employment as the economy in the euro-region continued to stagnate. The Confederation of British Industry estimates that financial services firms in the U.K. will create about 28,000 new jobs this year. The financial services sector is continuing to boost confidence, with London offering great opportunities for people seeking employment. The Global Power City Index prepared by Mori Memorial Foundation from Japan ranks London as the topmost city in the world in terms of business and innovation attraction.Many professionals in the E.U. are interested in shifting base to the U.K., which leads to an increase in the number of job seekers in the city. French professionals are especially keen on such relocation. Office for National Statistics is showing the number of employees in the city has risen to 4.58 million. The number has risen 11% from 2009 to 2013. Are you looking for a financial job in London?

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