Top 10 Advice to Climb the Financial Industry Ladder

So you have finally landed that great job on Wall Street or in The City and your ready for what’s next. Or are you? Here is some great advice taken from different financial experts on “Business Insider”. Ready. Set. Go!

1. Get Ready for Lightspeed

You’re going to experience a lot of things very fast, especially if you’re just out of college. You’ll feel like a burden, but don’t spin your wheels, try to answer your own questions and work through things first. Then ask questions and write down the answers so you remember them the next time.

2. Know Your Strengths and Weaknesses

You’ve studied and gone to school and landed the job. But do you really know yourself? Get to know your strengths and weaknesses. You may not always be able to overcome weaknesses, but if you understand them, you can avoid them. Strengths are easier to build and focusing on them can lead to greater opportunities.

3. Don’t Complain

Honestly, who likes a whiner? If you’re assigned a bunch of mindless tasks, gratefully take them on. You never know what will come next, and it could be something good, something you want to work on.

4. Study

You studied hard in college and it doesn’t stop here. Do well on exams during trading, most just try to pass, but assume future employers in the industry will scrutinize your work.

5. Deal With Egos

You are going to be working with a lot of senior people and people in this industry have big egos. When you speak to them always direct your questions to them, they love to talk about themselves. This is a great way get to know them, network and find a good mentor.

6. Network

Build your own network internally and externally. Many times new hires are paired with a ‘buddy’ on a different desk. Ask them questions your uncomfortable asking your own team. This will help you build confidence and a network.

7. Stay Healthy

Burn out is a big problem in the industry. You’re going to be working all of the time and it will be hard on your body and mind. Sleep whenever you can, eat healthy and have a fitness program to keep stress levels low.

8. Stay Put

People like to move around, especially for financial gain. This disrupts your internal connections that are important to future career success. Really think about it before you say goodbye.

9. Find the Right Position

When you think about your next move, don’t pick the next job that pops up, or the one you’re ‘supposed’ to do. You’re building a career, by knowing your strengths and weaknesses you know if your skill set is for wealth management or investment banking.

10. Build Your Career

Finding and building a client base is important, but don’t talk about the markets all of the time. Find other topics to discuss and build trust. That way they will seek you out for advice. Giving advice is not nearly as well received as when clients ask for it.

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