News about the financial industry and the people who make it.

The Alpha banker is a leading source of information for financial professionals working in the City and Wall Street.

Since the financial crisis, increased regulatory requirements, declining profitability and falling pay have roiled the industry. The alpha banker is the voice of financial professionals who make and run the industry. New rules and cultural shifts have changed the way the finance industry operates and does business.

The alpha banker mission is to keep up to date with developments affecting the world of finance and your career and to inspire you by sharing insight information about your peers and your industry.

Our obsessions are not only news about “asset management” and “investment banking” but also the popular “life in finance” and “future of finance”.

The alpha banker is made by and for financial professionals. Our contributors to date work in well-regarded and reputable assets managers, hedge funds and investment banks and are based in New York, London, Hong Kong, Paris and Zurich. They holds positions of asset managers, traders, brokers, risk managers or journalists.  The alpha banker is optimized for the devices closest at hand: tablets and mobile phones as it embraces our modern lifestyle.

The Alpha Banker is owned by High Finance Media Ltd, member of Professional Publishers Association.

Meet the team. Do you want to contribute? Come over and send your news and comments to news@thealphabanker.com. Alternatively, you might want to know more about the cause we support and give back.

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