Copyright Licenses

Copyright Licences

The Alpha Banker is not represented by The Copyright Licensing Agency Ltd or the Newspaper Licensing Agency. As per our terms of use only site license holders are permitted for internal use to copy, reproduce, transmit, scan, publish, display, distribute, archive, commercially exploit or create derivative works (either by electronic means or otherwise), of material or content of the Website and/or Services.

Copyright dispensation is included in the Site Licence and permits the following:

  • Electronic scanning of articles from The Alpha Banker (
  • Internal distribution via email to colleagues across your company, up to 15 articles per week
  • Ability to use the content from online edition in memos or research works within your firm
  • Receipt of press cuttings services and media monitoring of articles from the online edition
  • Copying and pasting of articles or parts thereof from The Alpha Banker ( in or onto a database or into any internal document, presentation or newsletter to the following extent – up to and including the whole or parts of 15 articles per week
  • Indefinite storage capability, on digital depository or file based storage system, as per FSA 5 year information storage guidelines

Reprints from The Alpha Banker

The Alpha Banker offers you pamphlets and flyers as reprints of the published articles on A4 semi-glossy paper, including the PDF of the news article for your firm to host on your corporate website or intranet site. The Alpha Banker is happy to include any advertisements you may have used or new graphic designs you have prepared for current advertisement campaigns on the back of the reprint and on the digital PDF as well.

Contact details including the corporate logo can be added to the PDF and Reprints, provided the article layout is not changed.

Article and reprint / licence packages are as follows:

Package 1
500 Reprints Front & Back
PDF File Licence for electronic usage
2550 USD / 1580 GBP (incl. VAT)
Package 2
2000 Reprints Front & Back
PDF File Licence for electronic usage
4190 USD / 2600 GBP (incl. VAT)
Package 3
PDF File Licence for indefinite electronic usage
Please note, no syndication is included in electronic licence
2190 USD / 1350 GBP (incl. VAT)

Please note: The Alpha Banker is not part of the NLA or CLA, all copyright and reprinting is processed directly through Finance Media Ltd.

Please contact the Copyright & Reprint Division at for your enquiry.

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