Work/Life Balance: How To Be A Sharp Banker Up To 100 Years?

Life span prolonged by health span as seen on ...

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Where is the secret of our longevity?

Banking can be a high-pressure career with intensive research, deadlines and a dynamic lifestyle. These factors can conspire to undermine the health of bankers and can lead to number of health problems. Dan Buettner has studied the longest-lived people in the so-called “blue zones” of extended lifespan to determine the factors that help these people live to the age of 100 and beyond.

Cultures that live to 100 and beyond all tend to focus on plant-based diets rather than on meat proteins. A great deal of medical research has accumulated on the hazards of a meat-rich diet, which can contribute to heart disease, stroke, colon cancer and other conditions. You don’t have to remove all meat from your diet. However, you can cut your daily consumption of meat and help to improve your health and longevity. You should also cut your caloric intake by 20 percent at every meal to both manage weight and improve overall health. Drinking some red wine daily can also help to keep your heart and metabolism fit and well.

Exercise Naturally
Move your body in ways it was designed to do and doing the work it was designed to do. Walk, run, push a broom, ride a bike, shovel your own snow. People in cultures that live extended lifespans do their own work, which in turn, uses the muscles and primes their systems as nature intended. This simple habit has fallen away in most industrialized societies. However, working your body in a normal fashion can help you stay well and fit every day. It can also affect your psychological well-being, adding more fun and spontaneity to your life.

Stress Management
Another critical factor in human longevity is managing stress. Many studies have shown that stress itself is a killer, and working in a high-stress career can cut years from your life. Learn to manage stress by arranging your schedule to allow more time for activities, by arriving earlier for appointments and by keeping your daily activities at a manageable level. Eliminate the noise of TV, radio and Internet for a part of every day to enhance your sense of serenity and calm. Learn to meditate to prevent a build-up of stress during the day. Spirituality can be a part of your stress management regime, learning to let go and allow greater powers to manage events.

Focus On Family and Intimate Friends
Cultures that live for many years all focus on the fulfilling relationships with family members and friends they have been acquainted with for years. These relationships help people to maintain a proper perspective on life and provide the caring emotional environment that promotes good health. Maintain your friendships with others who share the values of good health and positive relationships. This can extend to your spiritual community and volunteer organizations.

Personal Development
Another factor of living long and well includes accomplishing your personal goals and participating in activities that enrich your life. Take classes to learn a new language or learn how to oil paint. Engage in charitable activities. Make your life a celebration and your will be rewarded with a long and fruitful lifespan.


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