10 Best Smartphones and Tablets Apps for Wall Street and City Bankers

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Whether you’re walking Wall Street with your iPhone or just looking for a more comfortable way to check your stocks in you cab leading to the City, here are 10 of the best apps for staying connected in the world of finance.

1: BlackGoldPrice: Free
What We Like: Track everything from gas to crude oil with BlackGold, one of the most versatile apps for natural resources currently on the market. The fluctuations come fast and thick, but with BlackGold, you’ll stay on top of it all.

2: StockSpy

Price: $19.99
What We Like: If you’re tired of tracking individual stocks, then boy, do we have some good news for you. Not only does StockSpy allow you to monitor stocks via customized RSS feeds, but any time you need additional info on the name, just point and zoom to pull up a wealth of data like investors, current news, et cetera.

3: NetDania Forex

Price: Free
What We Like: Perfect for the globally-minded, NetDania Forex provides to-the-minute updates on everything from currency pairs to international economic data releases. It’s hard to find this kind of coverage without paying for it, so three cheers for free apps that really work.

4: Wikinvest Portfolio Manager

Price: Free
What We Like: Keep your portfolio in a single place with the Wikinvest Portfolio Manager, which will track your investment accounts and automatically update your holdings as an impressive all-in-one convenience tool.

5: Daily Stocks

Price: $69.99
What We Like: It comes with a hefty price tag, but you’ll quickly forgive the dent in your bank account when you realize the sheer scope of Daily Stocks’ analytics tools. For example, each stock scan comes with prices, ratios, volume indicators and market direction forecasts, and you can also track stocks based on profit or chart patterns.

6: FRED Economic Data

Price: Free
What We Like: Not only can you put the figures on all your favorite iOS devices, including iPhones and iPads, but you’ll also enjoy some 34,000 time series from all over the globe. It’s massive, it’s all-encompassing, and best of all, it won’t cost you a dime.

7: uValue

Price: Free
What We Like: Popularly known as one of the best valuation apps on the web, uValue allows for WACC, APV, DGM and ROV tracking with a wide variety of calculators and forecasts to help you get it right the first time.

8: StockTwits

Price: Free
What We Like: If you’re the kind of person who loses touch with reality when immersed in the market, StockTwits will keep you connected to the real world via Twitter, showcasing all the relevant buzz your stocks are making on social media.

9: ChartIQ Pro – Stock Charts and Technical Analysis

Price: $12.99
What We Like: It’s the age of the tablet, yet many apps are still trying to court smartphone users at the expense of overall customer satisfaction. The ChartIQ Pro puts financial drawing charts firmly back in the domain of big screens. No more squinting at squiggly lines the size of your fingernail! Hallelujah!

10: Kcast Gold Live

Price: Free
What We Like: As golden as its name, Kcast keeps you updated with anything and everything involving currency. Watch the mining stocks; monitor the quotes on precious and base metals; keep your eye on major exchange rates. You won’t ever get caught flat-footed again as worldwide trends change.


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