Effect of an healthy living: Nut Traders going Crazy


Arabesque-nutcracker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

These days, the health industries are growing as more and more people seek information regarding how to obtain optimal wellness. And, as many people have come to find out, nut consumption can help. This past year, nut traders from Derco Foods in California celebrated the festive season with a Christmas singalong video emphasizing its goods. As many nut experts know, the industry has benefited from the rising interest in attaining wellness through consumption of healthy nuts such as cashews, pecans, walnuts, and almonds. Growth has been particularly significant in the Europe and US. In discussing the matter, International Nut and Dried Fruit Foundation Giles Hacking noted that “The story has been about nutrition.” While this is certainly the case, it’s also about profit. For example, almond prices have risen from around $2.5 per pound to $4 over the last 15-18 months. And despite the fact that the prices have been relatively high, demand for nuts has also remained high.


In offering his opinion on the rising popularity of nuts, edible nuts business leader Ashok Krishnan noted that demand has risen from 10 to 12 per cent each year during the last four to five years. This increased consumption has been partly facilitated by increased demand from China. People in this region are seeking to diversify their food habits while also looking for convenient, healthy foods to eat. According to the commodities market research group Mintec, Chinese import figures of shelled almonds went from 30,200 tons in 2000-2009 to 150,000 tons during the 2012-2013 season. Additionally, a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine regarding the health benefits that result from eating nuts revealed that the frequency of nut consumption decreases mortality.


Despite the fact that the nut industry is doing well, several factors can still adversely effect the production and sell of nuts. For example, US production of nuts went down almost 2% this year and is expected to drop another 1% over the next year due to water shortages and climate issues. Additionally, adverse weather in Spain has led to decreased nut production. Mintect analysts say this drop has further precipitated demand for almonds in the US. Despite factors that affect nut production and consumption, almonds will likely maintain an enviable place in the food markets as a result of the wide-ranging use of nuts in confectioneries and food manufacturing. According to Derco Foods representative Mr. Dermenjian, nut growers will probably not be subject to any significant financial hardships even if almond prices decrease a bit. This is the case, he says, because the almond prices are great and lowering them a little will still enable people to do well.


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