Top 10 Most Effective Strategies to Cope with Work Related Stress

While many of these strategies may appear obvious, the real challenge is learning when and how to use them.


Most successful people can deal with stress correctly because they have an appreciation for what they have. It is important to take time to contemplate what you are grateful to improve your mood and reduce the stress hormone, cortisol, by 23 percent on average. The University of California conducted research and found that people who work daily to be grateful have an improved mood, energy level, and physical wellbeing. Obviously. The lower levels of cortisol played a large role in this.

Don’t Ask “What If?”

Stress and anxiety can directly be linked to individuals who are constantly questioning their decisions. Asking “what if” will only cause worry that is not necessary. Successful people who can deal with stress easier do not have regrets and do not question themselves and wonder “What if?”

Staying positive

This is easier said than done. However, positive thoughts help reduce prolonged stress. These positive thoughts help focus the brain’s attention onto more stress free elements. The brain and mind are meant to wander but successful people are able to redirect their wandering brain towards positivity. Positive thoughts of any kind will improve the mood and completely lower the cortisol levels in the brain. You should easily be able to find one positive thought to help rid the brain of stress.


Again, the key to reducing stress is keeping it intermittent. Prolonged stress is awful for the physical and emotional well being of a person. Successful people are able to reduce prolonged stress by taking time off and disconnecting from everyday life. They may take periodic vacations or shorter breaks away from work. Even short breaks such as a stroll or checking your email can do worlds of good for the amount of stress felt. Many successful people will also break away from technology such as their phones and other mobile devices. Unplugging for a few minutes each day can be very helpful. These breaks will improve the body, mind, and soul.

Limit Caffeine

Most people feel they cannot function without caffeine. However, drinking caffeine triggers the release of adrenaline. This is the source of the “fight or flight” response which is necessary for survival. . The “fight or flight” mechanism forgoes rational thinking in favor of a more speedy response. Although this can help if you are being attacked by a bear, it is not a great option for replying to an email. Caffeine places the brain and body into an increased state of stress and makes you overcome with emotion. Although caffeine does not need to be completely removed from the diet, lower amounts can be of great benefit: it is a strong antioxidant.


Most people understand the importance of sleep but they still do not get enough. Sleep is necessary for increasing the body’s emotional and physical intelligence. When you sleep, your brain will recharge so you can awake with energy, be alert, and have a clear mind. Your self-control, memory, and attention will be reduced without proper sleep. This will, in turn, raise the levels of stress. Although many people feel they don’t have the time for sleep, not having enough will only reduce how proficient a person is through the day.

Stop Negativity

Managing stress involves prohibiting any negative self-talk. Although stopping negativity from your mind may be difficult, it is imperative to not focus on these negative thoughts. The more they are dwelt on, the more power they are given. Most negative thoughts are not actual facts so they can easily be removed from the mind. When you are being negative, you can write down your thoughts in a journal or on paper to renegotiate what your brain is thinking. Most people will be amazed by how negativity can affect a person’s mood and physical signs of stress but successful people are able to completely remove these thoughts from their minds quickly.

Reframe Perspective

The perception of events plays a large part in persons’ stress levels. Unrealistic deadlines, unforgiving bosses, and stressful traffic situations are common reasons for a person’stress. Although these elements cannot be controlled, your responses to them can be. Instead of dwelling on these negative situations and experienced, change your behavior and change your perspective on these situations. Successful people will not allow their behavior to change even though the behavior and situations around them may be affecting them and their levels of stress.


Meditation was a form of stress, anxiety, and illness relief. Today, proper breathing can help in many ways, as well. Being in the moment with your breathing will train your brain to focus only on the task and not worry about anything else. When you are feeling stressed, you should take a few moments to focus on breathing. This should be done in a closed room, without sound or people, and breathe in and out. Learning proper breathing techniques can help anyone cope with anxiety and stress.

Support and Help

Most people have family and friends surrounding them with great levels of help and love. Unfortunately, many people do not take advantage of the kindness offered. Successful people are able to ask for and receive help when they need it. This help will directly lower the amount of stress in their lives. Although there are many people who feel they want and need to do something on their own, only the most successful people are able to ask and receive help and support.


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