Successful Banker Stay Cool

After a series of studies involving more than a million people, TalentSmart has determined that 90 percent of the top performers are able to manage stress, anxiety, and emotions to keep calm and in control. It has been proven that most successful people have the amazing ability of managing emotions and keeping calm under pressure. This will positively affect their performance in tremendous ways.

Many of the studies that summarize stress, such as the Yale study that have proven prolonged stress can cause degeneration of the brain’s areas responsible for self control, have shown how stress can wreak havoc on a person’s physical and mental self. Although stress is associated with negativity, it is a necessary emotion. Our brains are constructed to act when stress is felt in some ways. Under this emotional state, a person will also experience peaks in their performance. Fortunately, minor levels of stress can actually be helpful.

The University of California, Berkeley, revealed a study showcasing the upside of moderate stress levels. Although these moderate levels of stress can be beneficial, it is imperative to learn stress management techniques. The study, led by Elizabeth Kirby, a post doctoral fellow, found that stress can help the brain with cell growth to improve memory. This effect may only be seen when stress is intermittent so when the stress prolongs, it will prohibit the brain from growth of more cells.

Kirby says,” I think intermittent stressful events are probably what keeps the brain more alert, and you perform better when you are alert.” This is also evident in animals where physical threats that cause stress to the mind and body will help them survive. Thousands of years ago, this was also the case in human behavior. However, as the human brain evolved and grew in knowledge and complexity, humans have developed worry which creates a prolonged amount of stress.

Stress increases a person’s risk of heart disease, depression, and weight gain. Stress also decreases cognitive performance. Fortunately, the bulk of stress is subjective and controlled. Many top performers have amazing coping strategies that they use under very stressful events or circumstances. They are able to quickly lower their levels of stress regardless of their environmental surroundings to ensure the stress does not become prolonged.
Although there are numerous strategies that are effective for successful individuals, there are 10 strategies that are the best. While many of these strategies may appear obvious, the real challenge is learning when and how to use them. Read more.


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