Top 10 Olympic Skiers Working in Finance

When you compare the competitive nature of the finance world and top-level sport, it is not hard to imagine why some of the best skiers in the world are currently working on Wall Street or The City. It takes drive and a will to succeed to survive in both the finance and skiing world, so finance industry has become a natural progress for competitive skiers after retirement. While there are dozens of world-class skiers in the finance world, these are the 10 Olympic skiers that are currently working in Wall Street:

Ed Podivinsky represented his home country of Canada three times on the Olympic ski team. He even won a bronze medal at in the alpine downhill event at the 1994 Winter Olympics in Lillehammer, Norway. Podivinsky is currently the director of the institutional equity division at RBC Captial Markets.Otto Tschudi was a professional skier for 18 years, but his appearances in the 1968 and 1972 Olympics were his career highlights. Tschudi is now a managing director at Stifel Nicolaus.

Erik Schlopy joined the U.S National ski team at the age of 18. He would eventually ski in the 1994, 2002 and 2006 Olympics, but would never win a medal. Schlopy created two private equity firms, PointZero1 and Soul Sports, following his skiing career.

Alexander Williams made his lone Olympic appearance with the United States ski team at the 1988 Olympics in Calgary, Canada. Williams started working at Morgan Stanley following his ski career, but he is now a managing director UBS Private Wealth Management.

Connor O’Brien skied in the 1984 Olympics for Great Britain and in the 1994 Olympics for Estonia. O’Brien began his career in Wall Street at Lehman Brothers. He is now the president and CEO of O’Leary Funds and the president and CIO of Stanton Asset Management.

Marco Schafferer skied for his home country of Bosnia at the 2006 Olympics in Torino, Italy. He would ultimately finish in 30th place in the slalom event. Schafferer is now working at Goldman Sachs Asset Management.

Alex Felix competed 2003 Junior Olympics, which are open to athletes 16 years old or younger, where he would win gold in the slalom. Felix is now credit analyst at American Capital.

Sean Cummiskey took part in the 2002 Junior Olympics where he finished first in the super-g event, third in slalom and fourth in the downhill. Cummiskey is now an analyst at private equity firm Graham Partners.

Rob Biedermann made U.S National ski team and was set to compete in the 1980 Olympics before he suffered an injury training in Austria. Biedermann is now a portfolio manager and financial advisor at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management.

Erica Nourjian competed in the Junior Olympics before becoming an NCAA all-american in 1992. She is now the COO of Antarctica Asset Management.

It is not easy to succeed in Wall Street and this list proves a competitive mindset help you obtain success in the financial world. If you know anyone that you think should be on this list or you a have an Olympics track record, just sent a short biography to with the proof of accomplishment.


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