Fund Managers Coached like high-level Athlete

At first glance, there is very little in common between fund managers and Olympians. Fund managers spend most of their days behind a desk and computer, peering over financial documents and speaking to clients and brokers. Meanwhile, Olympians spend every waking moment preparing their mind and body for extreme physical endurance, along with perfecting certain skills pertaining to their sport.


Despite those differences, the world’s second largest hedge fund company recently employed a former cycling coach. This coach led Team GB’s cycling team to Olympic success in 2012. Shane Sutton has extensive experience coaching cycling, working with the likes of Bradley Wiggins and Sir Chris Hoy and coaching them to Olympic gold. Some Asset Manager Firm wants Sutton to provide their fund managers with a similar level of training, albeit geared towards the financial sector. In the hedge fund world, some are looking for new ways to train their employees and match the ever improving competition. They hope that Shane Sutton will be able to instill the same winning mentality, dedication and work ethic in their employees as he did with Team GB’s cycling roster.


Coping with pressure and having the endurance to go the distance are attributes that both cyclists and fund managers must possess. GLG  is the first fund to sign up for this special program known as Trading Peaks. Not only will Trading Peaks involve intense coaching, but they will have access to the latest financial software in order to maximize their individual performances. Sutton is extremely confident that his methods will translate to immediate success for everyone who takes part in the Trading Peaks program. Despite Sutton’s stellar record from his previous career, there are some at Inalyitcs who are skeptical. They believe that Sutton will perform as most motivational speakers do, by providing an immediate boost followed by minimal lasting gains. However, the founder and CEO of Inalytics is confident that they are heading in the right direction. Rick di Mascio believes that the world of sport is “20 years ahead” of other industries when it comes to collecting data, analyzing potential areas that need improvement, and implementing those changes on individuals and teams.


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