Exclusive Club for Wall Street Millionaires

It has been said that the true art of establishing a successful business is based in the organizational and visionary skills of the entrepreneur. It is not necessary to be an expert in the primary function of the business. Someone must emit the drive and direction necessary to realize what needs to happen and how to go about that task. And, of course, it does not hurt to have a last name like Enterprise, as in Manhatten’s CORE: club owner and operator Jennie Enterprise. An urban answer to the traditional country club idea, Enterprise envisioned from her previous businesses that success was often about networking and providing a clearing house for that network to build. The need is as important in the city as in small town America. And, for businesses everywhere, location can be crucial. When you are interested in connecting the most powerful and wealthy individuals with the proper social venue, it is important to go to their central location instead of maintaining the traditional business model. The CORE club provides for its members an easy platform for making and continuing critical business relationships in a low-key social setting right in downtown Manhatten.

Enterprise’s business success began as a teen when she established a tennis camp on Shelter Island which netted her $10,000 for just three months work. Her visionary ventures would eventually morph into The Reebok Club, laying the groundwork for the idea to build the current club facility. The establishment ran into development trouble early on, but charter members stepped in because they viewed the entrepreneurship as a real innovation in connecting prominent and business representatives, such as Roger Goodell, Commissioner of the NFL. Being a member is not cheap, but what does that matter to a financial tycoon? The expensive membership dues can be more of an attraction than a barrier to business.

There is an unexpected perk from Enterprise’s constant drive and focus. According to Enterprise, she is learning from “interesting, accomplished people that are changing the world. I knew that if something represented innovation to them, they would pay attention.” Nothing interests an investor more than getting in on the ground floor level of a solid innovative venture. All good business people understand that incremental growth from individual drive and focus is the true mark of a business success, businesses that boom quickly can also bust quickly.

Jenny Enterprise has clearly exhibited one the simplest axioms in all business operation. When you surround yourself and establish relationships with powerful and wealthy individuals, positive relationships with those wealthy individuals will result in wealth for all. The hard work and long-term view of her non-traditional business model has put her on the inside where many real decisions are made in the business world. In many traditional social business models, operational decisions exacted downtown were actually made at the country club. And for downtown Manhatten, Jenny Enterprise’s CORE: club is the new country club in the city.


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