Wall Street CEO: The 2 unique qualities you must have to be successful

Every successful person in business or life has two traits that stand out to a man like Joe Perella. Joe Perella has spent four decades on Wall Street building up his global investment house known as Perella Weinberg. The main topic of conversation is what Mr. Perella sees that we do not in order to achieve success.

Trait #1: “Successful People Have No Maximum Level”

Successful people, according to Mr. Perella, do not know when to quit. The idea is simple for Mr. Perella. He believes that successful people do not max out their talent or ambition. He is saying that he believes people should never stop working. He knows people who are always wondering how they are going to themselves and their companies better.

Part of this trait is a dedication to the work that is not seen in everybody. People who work to a point become satisfied with the work they do. Mr. Perella believes that the best people in business and life are never satisfied. They are always searching for something that is going improve things.

For example, a business owner is wondering how they will improve their products, customer service and profits. Each of these items must be tackled on a daily basis, and the businessperson must remember that they cannot stop. There is no satisfaction in reaching a goal. New goals must be made once old goals are realized.

Trait #2: They Know Why They Do Their Work

People who do their jobs often do them without knowing they are doing them. Many workers in the world go to their jobs to support their families, but these same workers do not enjoy their jobs. The most successful people in business and in life know why they do what they do. Doctors work in the medical field to help people who are sick. Doctors pick certain specialties to help people in a field that interests them. Business owners open their business to meet a need they see.

Having each of these characteristics changes the way people view their job and their business. Whether they work like Mr. Perella or not, these two traits make a difference in success.


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