Trending: Free Stress Reliever for Financial Professionals

Something interesting is happening in the city of London. Many finance professionals are embracing mindfulness, which is a Buddhist tradition centered around meditation and self-reflection. The goal they are seeking is to be relieved of all the stress that comes not only from their day-in day-out work, but also technology, allowing them to have greater clarity by using meditation and breathing techniques.

Kok-Song Ng, the head of global investments at Singapore’s GIC, believes that this is very important in the decisions people make, and that by taking time out from the world and turning inward, a new perspective can be found. The result is that rational, rather than emotional, decisions will be made. While some would speculate that the recent passing of several top financiers is what has brought this practice to light, the truth is that there is another trend at work, as well. Many investment professionals make decisions based on events that are sometimes irrelevant. By meditating, they can relax and look out passed the immediate for what is just beyond it, but still within reach.Additionally, bad health is expensive. Last year in the UK, it is estimated that $26 billion was spent on finance professionals. The result is that certain practices are in need of review. Additionally, there is proven medical evidence that meditating has a positive physical and mental result. Considering that it is free, and can be achieved in as little as 10 minutes per day, the truth is that it’s too expensive not to do.

In addition to this, big banks and accounting firms, such as KPMG and The Bank of England, are encouraging their employees to use the app Headspace, which is all about meditating and mindfulness. It is even believed that it will not be long before the concept of mindfulness is as important to our daily routine as physical exercise. Goldman Sachs invited its founder during its resilience week. So to be be happy and relax, you know now what to do: meditate.


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