The Wolf of Wall Street is Back on the Floor

The infamous “Wolf of Wall Street” is back in the news. This time, Jordan Belfort claims to be a man much different than the one who scammed investors out of over $200 million dollars in the late 1990s. Belfort’s wild, drug filled and high-society lifestyle landed him in prison where he served 22 months of his 48 month sentence for securities fraud and money laundering.

Belfort is now embarking on a 45-city speaking tour. People will be paying good money to hear his story and learn his secrets to success. He claims the “motivational” speaking tour will bring in over $100 million in revenues. He further claims he will use $50 million of the proceeds to pay back a portion of the $110.4 million court ordered restitution to his victims. To date, several reports insist he has only repaid approximately $11.6 million with most of the repayment coming from the forfeiture of seized assets.

While serving his time in prison, he was befriended by Actor Tommy Chong, of Cheech and Chong fame, who suggested his life would make for interesting reading. At Chong’s suggestion, Belfort penned the book “The Wolf of Wall Street”. The rights to the book were later sold and landed on the desk of Academy Award winning Director Martin Scorsese who made the film with the same title as the book. The movie garnered five Academy Award nominations, including a Best Actor nomination for Leonardo DeCaprio.

Whether he is a changes man or not, there is no questioning of his ability to sell, a skill he honed while bilking investors at Stratton Oakmont, the brokerage firm he used as a front for his misdeeds. He is currently one of themost sought after speakers on the international speaking tour. People are interested in hearing his incredible story of redemption. After the many lives he turned upside down, he is now using his smooth speaking style to motivate companies and individuals to increase their sales through better selling techniques.

During his speaking engagements, Belfort speaks of setting goals, skills needed for success, rules designed to keep the individual focuses, cultivation of sales prospects and of course, raising money from venture capitalist and individual investors. He also talks about the lessons he learned from his very public rise and fall from fame and fortune.


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