10 Wall Street Powerhouses Still in Their 30s

There are an astonishing number of people that have become a Wall Street powerhouse even though they’re still in their 30s.  Let try to identify the most powerful people on Wall Street, it includes individuals that have a propensity for influencing major business deals, executing significant financial decisions and making things happen in the financial industry. Consider the following list of Wall Street gurus that haven’t yet reached the age of 40:

  • Mike Brown, Jr., age 30, is the founder of Bowery Capital. He got off to a good start by founding and serving as general partner of venture capital fund AOL Ventures. He founded Bowery Capital in 2013. The $30 million fund has invested in startup businesses like Wizeline and mParticle.
  • Andrew Kortina, age 31 is founder and Chief Financial Officer of Venmo. Venmo distributes a mobile app that allows consumers to securely pay one another online. Venmo was purchased by Braintree in 2012 for $2 million.
  • Ben Lerer, age 32, serves as managing director of Lerer Ventures. Lerer’s $60 million fund has invested in companies like OMGPOP, The Huffington Post, BuzzFeed, Warby Parker, and GroupMe. Lerer also operates Thrillist Media Group, a national media company.
  • Jared Kushner, age 33, is CEO at Kushner Companies, a $7 billion firm with more than 750 employees. Kushner also owns The New York Observer.
  • Sean Parker, age 34, is the former Partner of Founders Fund. He is also the cofounder of Napster and founding president of Facebook. Parker has a net worth of over $2.7 billion.
  • Lauren Hochfelder Silverman, age 35, is Managing Director of U.S. Acquisitions for Morgan Stanley. She oversees $4 billion in assets and has executed more than $3 billion in real estate deals.
  • Ahmad al-Sayed, age 36, is CEO at Qatar Investment Authority, a sovereign wealth fund. It is estimated that Qatar Investment Authority holds more than $100 billion in assets.
  • Josh Brown, age 37, serves as CEO at Ritholtz Wealth Management. As cofounder of Ritholtz, he is involved in asset management and financial planning. Brown also writes for several financial publications and his own blog, The Reformed Broker.
  • Chase Coleman, age 38, is a key figure at Tiger Global Management. He is considered to be The youngest hedge fund billionaire in the world. Coleman manages a $6.3 billion hedge fund for the firm.
  • Chris Weideman, age 39, is Chief of Staff for the Secretary of the Treasury, Jacob Lew. He manages domestic and foreign economic operations for the Treasury Department.

If you believe you or one of your colleagues should be include, please leave a comment or let us know


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