10 Most Powerful Financial Professionals in their 40s

Once they’ve reached their 40s, the most powerful people in finance tend to be seasoned professionals. Here are some of the biggest financial moguls in the midst of middle age.

Rob Goldstein, age 40: As the Chief Operating officer at BlackRock, Goldstein oversees the firm’s global business. He joined the ranks at BlackRock as an analyst some 20 years ago, and, during his time there, he helped the company expand its worth in assets to around $4.32 trillion.

Isabel dos Santos, age 41: This Angolan investor also happens to the Angolan president’s eldest daughter. She owns huge stakes in gas, oil, media, telecommunications, financial services, and a few Internet companies. With a net worth of $3.9 billion, she is currently the richest woman in Africa.

Andrew Ceresney, age 42: Ceresney is the co-director of enforcement at the Securities and Exchange Commission. In that position, he handles litigation cases concerning mail, wire, and security fraud, and money laundering.

Marianne Lake, age 43: Lake is the CFO and executive VP of JPMorgan, the largest bank on Wall Street. When she writes about what’s going on at JPMorgan, she’s painting a picture of what’s happening in the overall financial system.

Jonathan Gray, age 44: Blackstone’s global head of real estate is a driving force behind a company that is accruing more real estate than anyone thought possible.

David Einhorn, age 45: As the president and founder of Greenlight Capital, Einhorn is one of the most influential hedge fund managers in the financial sector. When he started Greenlight Capital, the hedge fund had less than $1 million in assets. It has grown to have $8 billion.

Mary Erdoes, age 46: The CEO of JPMorgan Asset Management, Erdoes runs a department that manages more than $2.2 trillion in assets. Under her watchful eye, that division has increased its assets for 19 straight quarters.

Roman Abramovich, age 47: This Russian businessman and oligarch is worth around $9.4 billion. He started out working in oil exports, from which point he began investing in steel, startups, and a variety of businesses. Today, he owns the largest yacht in the world and the U.K.-based Chelsea Football Club. His real estate portfolio encompasses the world.

Bill Ackman, age 48: As the CEO of Pershing Square Capital Management LP, Ackman runs a $13.7 billion hedge fund. He’s taken over Canadian Pacific, J.C. Penney, and Proctor and Gamble, thereby developing a reputation for aggressive strategy.

Sallie Krawcheck, age 49: When she bought 85 Broads in 2013, Krawcheck changed the name of the women’s professional network to Ellevate. Under her ownership, Ellevate now focuses on investing in gender and ethnically diverse organizations.


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