Who is the Most Powerful Financial Professional in their 50s?

Determining who may be the most powerful individual in the finance industry can include many factors beyond the amount of assets one investment bank may manage, and this may very well be the case with Goldman-Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein.

While Jaime Dimon has been the heralded CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase Bank, there is an argument for Lloyd Blankfein in terms of real power. Goldman-Sachs total asset figure is approximately $938 billion, which is considerably less than J.P. Morgan Chase total assets, but recent problems with investment authorities may have compromised Dimon’s personal power. Although Goldman-Sachs was not without its own problems, the dynamics of those problems were systemic instead of individual.

Lloyd Blankfein is a prime example of an individual who has risen through the industry through hard work and, as Blankfein told Charlie Rose, “some good luck.” Blankfein had worked as an investment attorney for a Manhatten financier after being unable to acquire a position with Goldman-Sachs. Goldman-Sachs then bought Blankfein’s employing company, which brought him into the fold. He is the son a former U.S. Postal Service employee and grew up in the Brooklyn area, working as a vendor at Yankee Stadium during his youth.

The prototype of the hard work theory of success, Blankfein is now the CEO of one the primary investors in the United States Treasury Security market. Being a primary funding service for the U.S. government means the impact that Goldman-Sachs wields across the globe is practically impossible to calculate. Not only can the investment bank influence U.S. economic policy, they are heavily invested throughout the world where U.S. interests are vitally important.

Blankfein is just one in a significant line of Goldman-Sachs corporate officials who have gone on to serve in powerful government financial oversight capacities. Some of those individuals include former U.S. Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson and current European Central Bank President Mario Draghi, along with current Bank of England Governor Mark Carney. Blankfein’s working relationships with all of the these individuals gives him excellent positioning for continued increasing power impact on the global scale, as well as in the United States.

If you think there is a better candidate for this position, please let us know.


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