Investment Banker: The Motivation Letter That Get You In

Please fee free to use this motivation letter as a template, change it with your experience: this one is for a past algo trader who switch to sell side.

“I am extremely pleased to present to you my qualifications for your position as a junior investment banker. I believe that I have the skill set as well as the professional demeanor that you will find most compliant with your needs for the position.Although there are certainly aspects of investment banking that I would be open to expanding, you will be receiving an experienced market trader with a record of success. Within my previous employment at Foster and Blakely, I was able to design a market algorithm that brought that small cap company over $2.5 million in three years. Attribution can be tricky in these situation; however, I have provided you the direct phone numbers of the two principles of that firm so that they can confirm this.

My computer coding skill sets me apart from many traders who can only rely on their gut rather than a more reasoned approach including analytics and derivative algebra. As your new junior investment banker, I will be able to perform research for your leads and executives with a quantitative perspective that even some senior traders are unable to perform. I have a certification in the latest iteration of Java, which I made sure to keep updated as new versions of the language are made public.

Finally, I work well within group structure. Many people who have studied mathematics in trading have done so at the expense of their social skills. I have made sure to take on projects across disciplines and departments in many of my previous jobs. I am able to speak the “lingo” of accounting as well as marketing departments, and I have often served as a communications liaison during breakdowns in coordinating projects across departments.

I would be happy to discuss my experience with you in a face-to-face meeting. I have left my contact information below. My schedule is flexible, and I can be reached at anytime during the day. If I do not answer immediately, I will do so within a 24-hour period. Thank you for your consideration of my application, and I look forward to your correspondence.”

All right, there is a lot of non-sense in this letter but you get the idea: if you are able to generate a profitable P&L (proven track record) and you are not a total nerd (a bit of social skill), the door is wide open.



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