The World Bank Issues Warnings About Climate Chage

The president of the World Bank has recently issued a statement that emphasizes the need for urgent action on controlling global warming. The president, Dr. Jim Yong Kim, has stated that governments must move forward with speed if they wish to avoid global instability brought on by climate change. Dr. Kim has stated that the recent agreement between the United States and China to reduce their carbon emissions by 2020 is a significant start to helping this problem, but he does not believe it is enough. Dr. Kim stated that in a recent study conducted by the World Bank, there is “alarming evidence” that a simple rise in temperature of two degrees could have catastrophic effects on the entire world.

The report states that if carbon emissions are not drastically reduced, a majority of major crops in the world could be impacted by rising heat, torrential rains and flooding, or other weather events. The report stated that if global temperatures increase by a mere two degrees, you could see the soybean crops in Brazil diminish by 70 percent by 2050, and over 50 percent of the wheat crops worldwide.The report continued to say that a four degree increase in world temperatures would have a devastating effect on the Middle East and Northern Africa because water supplies would become even scarcer than they are right now. Additionally, at the same time, areas in the northern parts of the world would start seeing significant flooding from a four degree increase due to the melting of the glaciers. These northern areas would also begin to experience water shortages during the summer moths when it is essential for them to have water to grow crops. The report further stated that the world temperature has increased by .8 degrees since the 1800’s and that there is proof that the increase in temperature is having an impact on society. There has been a “robust increase” in the amount of flooding and drought events across the world in the last 50 years, and many can be directly attributed to climate change.

Dr. Kim has stated that prior to 1990 it has been hard to directly connect weather events with global warming due to the lack of data. However, since then, with the availability of technology, a direct connection between global warming and these weather events can be connected. Additionally, Dr. Kim has stated that the economic impact of global warming may be the cause for social uprisings like the Arab Spring that caused governments to be overthrown because the people were rebelling against higher food costs due to lower crop yields because of the weather. Dr. Kim urges governments around the world to consider the implications of global warming. He warns that weather events that are often called “the storm of the century” could actually become the norm. These drastic changes in climate will make it more difficult to bring people out of poverty and will impact many families around the world. Climate change, Dr. Kim stated, could also impact governments and organizations like the World Bank in a negative manner.


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