Ten Powerful Investment Banking Resume Tips You Can Use Today

Investment banking is an especially challenging profession to gain entrance to. Recent college graduates will be pursuing the entry level Analyst, or Financial Analyst, position. Entry level positions for graduates with a master’s degree will be looking for a position as an Associate. Investment bankers spend approximately 30 seconds reviewing a resume, so resumes need to be compact, containing key points of information that is necessary and useful. Following are ten powerful investment banking resume tips you can use today.

1. Clear Layout

Generally, resumes should have four sections including header, education, work and leadership experience and skills, and activities and interests. Make it easy for an investment banker to run through their checklist including school, GPA, and internship experience.

2. Error Free

One goal of investment bankers when reviewing resumes is to notice errors. Resumes will be rejected if they have a single spelling, grammar, or punctuation mistake. Check and re-check your resume. Have other professionals scrutinize your work. Make sure your resume is error free.

3. Work Experience

Fifty percent of the resume should deal with work experiences that differentiate you from other candidates. Prior corporate experience and banking internships should be incorporated, including details and achievements that will arouse a banker’s interest.

4. Action Verbs

Action verbs project strength and positive attitude to investments bankers that have not met you yet. The tone of your resume is their first glimpse of your personality and keenness. Always use action verbs such as analyze, lead, or execute over passive verbs like assist, follow, or observe.

5. Presentation

Stick to a conservation resume presentation. Do not use colors, borders, or unusual fonts. Margins should be 0.5” at a minimum and 0.75” is more desirable. Try to use at least a size 10 font, but reduce the font size, not the margins, if you need to fit in essential information.

6. Extracurricular Activities

Bankers give additional points for extracurricular activities and currently, applications are so competitive, extracurricular activities may be the deciding factor. List businesses that you have set up, team sports, hobbies, or distinctive experiences such as traveling around the world.

7. Format

Formatting errors on a resume are noted immediately by investment banker analysts who identify and fix formatting errors in PowerPoint on a daily basis. Text and dates need to be precisely aligned, dashes need to be consistent and correct, and so on. An investment banking resume template will resolve many of the formatting issues. Check and re-check your resume and have a friend meticulously review your resume before submitting.

8. Bullet Points

Investment bankers receive thousands of applications every year. Bullet points indicate that a resume will be succinct and relevant, and is easier for recruiters to review salient information. When making your points, emphasize your deliverables versus your duties. Professionals recommend using no more than six bullet points for each resume subheading.

9. Consistency

Make sure your resume discloses a consistent career path which moves steadily forward toward your ultimate ambition. Any career ambiguities will dissuade recruiters from reading further.

10. Numbers

Quantify your work in your resume, even work that is non-finance. Tell how much money you raised, how large of an audience was reached, what sports events you participated in, and how many events you were in. If you started your own business, use numbers to tell how much money you make, and how many products you have sold. Investment bankers relate and respond to numbers. Construct your resume, put it away for a day, and then review it again. The competition is fierce. Take note of these investment banking resume tips and submit a great resume.


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