Where CFA charterholder work in big bank?

If you are interested in a career at Goldman Sachs, and are a CFA charterholder, consider applying at the London location. At an astounding 35%, more charterholder employees of U.S. investment banks currently work inside of the UK – making it the largest country of all Goldman Sachs offices globally. Otherwise, the options for CFA employment would be directly to Wall Street. Although is Asia currently in the lead of CFA interest – many new CFA applicants are opting to take this particularly difficult exams — the US continues to be the epicenter for charterholder candidates. In just a year, nearly 3200 new US charterholders were awarded; followed by Canada at 831 and then the UK with nearly 830 CFA awardees.

In the analysis of a new member directory, we’ve determined that of the 120,000 CFA charterholders, most were employed by large investment banks inside of the U.S. For instance, in the UK, HSBC employs nearly 24.4 percent, where Barclays employs slightly more at 24.6 percent – a bit more than the majority of other non-UK based banks. CFAs in Switzerland are employed by UBS — 22.8 percent and the Credit Suisse — 18 percent, respectively. And, although the Deutsche Bank in Germany employs just 5.7 percent of CFA charterholders, it’s still the leading percentage of any bank in continental europe.

Lastly,US investment banks – in addition to Goldman – hold the greatest numbers of CFA employees at home. For example, BOA employs 81.2 percent of their charterholders at home in the US, whereas Morgan Stanley currently stands at 73.1 percent. These U.S. banks are followed by JPMorgan 58.8 percent and Citigroup 57.6 respectively.

As indicated by the CFA institute on several occasions, Asia’s applicant and interest for CFA exams continues to grow rapidly. Despite the ever-increasing number of candidates, however, large banks are not employing many from the Asian markets. The reason is unknown, but may signify that while many are applying and taking the exams, they have either yet to pass or are having difficulty finding employment in bulge bracket investment banks. Another cause may be that CFA awardees in Asia are simply finding employment abroad.


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