15 Highest Paid Back Office Jobs in Finance (Investment Banking)

Accounting jobs in investment banking and financial services are well known to be both challenging and monetarily rewarding for the sector’s rising stars who compete in the global economy. Everyone else can expect to prove themselves for many years before their experience levels are commensurate with the desirable six figure incomes that are common to investment banking and capital markets. However, accountants working in financial services can choose to position themselves in certain roles and locations that help them to achieve high salaries rather quickly. According to a salary survey conducted by Robert Walters, the location with the highest paying accounting jobs in investment banking and financial services is New York with Hong Kong and Singapore closely following the Big Apple’s lead. Positions in internal auditing, product control and regulatory reporting were found to have the highest salaries in those popular locations. Accountants who call the European financial service sector home find that positions in London have higher pay associated with them than their continental counterparts. Here is a list of the top 15 high paying support positions within investment banking and financial services by location and salary.

1. Product Control/Pricing, New York $175K-$300K

2. Internal Audit (Investment Banking division), Hong Kong $125K-$230K

3. Strategic Planning and Analysis (Financial Services), Singapore up to $225K

4. Financial and Regulatory Reporting, Hong Kong $120K-220K

5. Audit Manager, Switzerland $167K-$200K

6. Tax Specialist, New York $100K-$200K

7. Deputy Controller, New York $150K-$190K

8. Management Reporting, Hong Kong $120K-$193K

9. Vice President of Product Control, London $120K-$180K

10. Vice President of Regulation, London $120K-$180K

11. Management Accounting (Investment Banking), Tokyo $153K-$171K

12. Financial Control/Management Reporting, London $113K-$170K

13. Regulatory Reporting Manager (Investment Management), London $128K-$150K

14. Financial Planning and Analysis Manager, Hong Kong $115K-$128K

15. Internal Audit Manager, Germany $87K-$127K


Although these competitive accounting positions promise professional and monetary rewards, many are not open to novices. For example, ambitious accountants need at least eight years of part qualified (PQ) experience for the two financial and management reporting positions listed in Hong Kong as well as for the management accounting position found in Tokyo. The two executive level product control and regulation positions in London require five to 10 years of PQ experience.


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