The secret to speed up your career in Investment Bank: Be a leader

Bosses and leaders are different kinds of people. Some people want to be the boss, but they have no idea how to be a leader. Read the ideas below so that you can learn to be a leader and treat your people well.

Using, Driving And FearingWhen a boss comes into the office, they are going to drive people, use people and cause them to feel fear. However, a leader is going to coach people, develop people and cause them to feel enthusiasm. These ideals are opposites, but bosses and leaders are also opposites.

You need to be the kind of person that grooms people below you to get promoted. You need to be the person who wants to make people feel good about their work so they can be more productive, and you need to be the person who coaches new employees who are having issues. When you follow the right path, you can lead anyone.

Teamwork And Giving

When you are a leader, you are going to have a team mentality. You will not be as interested in what you can get out the work as you are in what your team can do. You will give credit to your team for all the work they do, and you will likely name these people by name. You want everyone to get credit for what they have done to bring success.

When you are a leader, you will take the blame when something does not work. You can absorb the blame for a failed project because it is much easier for you to do so than to threaten your team with losing their jobs. You have to take the time to explain to your bosses why you failed, but you will also show how much hard work your team did. When you are a good person about the whole thing, everyone will keep their job. When you go back to your team, you can move on to a new project.

When you are trying to learn to become a leader, you need to make sure that you have taken the steps above. Leaders are not in their work for themselves. Leaders are going to build up their teams and protect them. Bosses will take all the credit for themselves and blame their team for problems. You want to be a leader of people who inspires them to do good work.

In investment banking, you will meet lot of bosses. They will unfortunately finish their career much sooner than leaders. Do not copy them, not only most of them are unfilled in their position but it will not help them/you to reach your next stage. Do not forget, the only person you can really compare with is the person you were yesterday.

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