Meet the Team

Current Contributors include

J.P. Perraud
John P. based in London, UK, has over a decade’s Director-level experience in the buy-side & sell-side industries, and worked mainly with institutional investors. Passionate about investment strategy, he is following equity, real estate and private equity investment news. He also holds masters degrees from Polytechnique Grenoble and HEC Paris.

S. Surpless
Stephen, based in Luxembourg is an Investment manager. He previously headed the Equity Research group at Cantor Fitzgerald, and worked as an Equity Analyst at GS in London. Stephen holds a BA in Economics and MA in Finance and Investment from the University of Exeter.

L. Chaitt
Larry, based in Geneva, was an adjunct professor of Finance in the Florida State University System at Florida International University for 20 years. Earlier in his career, he was a general partner in Wood Walker and Old Line Investment and a vice president investment research at Bank of New York. Based in Geneva. Graduated from Wharton and the Stern School of NYU in finance.

L. Chung
Litte, based Hong Kong, Asia, has over 15 years of experience as a stockbroker. He is currently a managing director in the capital markets division of a large broker. Litte, sell-side professional, is widely recognized for its investment advice recommendations. His passion for investing leads him to diversify its portfolio towards real estate in London and Hong Kong. For fun, you will find him playing poker.

B. Fife
Brady, based in the US, has over 10 years of experience as a risk manger. He worked for Merrill Lynch in their Credit Risk Management group in 2001, directly out of undergrad with a degree in International Studies and Chinese. He is also a teacher in finance as an adjunct faculty member in the University of Utah’s masters of finance program.

N. Gupta
Neha, based in Mumbai, has completed her CFA Level 2. She has also completed her PGDBA. Getting into the intricacies of the stock information, delving into the company’s financial statements is her passion and have a great deal of understanding of Economy, their impact on the Market and individual stocks.  She is a regular seeking alpha contributor.

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